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Yu Keping, who has been engaged in drug packaging design for many years, believes that the current minimum packaging of drugs is too large to meet the needs of clinical use. Hospitals must unpack the inner packaging and divide the drugs into zero before use. These steps greatly reduce the overall safety of drugs

Yu Keping said that the small metering packaging that requires drug packaging to have accurate metering function will be a great guarantee for the safety of medical packaging. It includes the use of packaging materials with metering function. Moreover, we can see that we have such a strong after-sales team (for example, the innovation of subtotal enterprises in hoses not only depends on their own input volume of hoses) and disposable packaging

the packaging of drugs is of great importance in ensuring that it can not only save working time, but also protect the safety of drugs. Pharmaceutical enterprises should choose different packaging materials according to the quality characteristics of drugs. First of all, we should consider the effectiveness and stability (physical, chemical, microbial), airtightness, and no pollution. In addition, it should have certain strength, heat resistance, cold resistance, light avoidance, convenient disinfection and other functions. In particular, when selecting liquid and powder drugs, we should consider the composition and formula of packaging materials, the different raw and auxiliary materials selected and production processes. Some may be dissolved by the drugs in contact, or interact with drugs, or directly affect the safe use of drugs due to long-term immersion and corrosion of drugs. Moreover, some packaging materials have the functions of setting, data collection, calculation and processing, displaying and printing the experimental results of the whole machine; Equipped with kql-powertest2001 Chinese and English versions of intelligent test software for experimental machine, it has a negative impact. The variety of drugs and the complexity of effective active genes also put forward higher requirements for packaging materials. Therefore, all drug manufacturers should conduct stability tests at all stages of drug preparation development, and comprehensively investigate the factors related to packaging

source: Yiqia medicine

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