The effect of glue scraping after stretching the n

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The role of scraping after stretching

after the plate is dried, the photosensitive plate making method is adopted. Now, diazo photosensitive adhesive is generally used for plate making. Diazo photosensitive adhesive is divided into water resistance and oil resistance (solvent) for different color inks. The coating of photosensitive adhesive generally uses a scraper. The cross section of the scraper uses a bicycle cushion in a wet state. Becoz: more environmentally friendly? The structural plate with less petrochemical materials is like a dustpan. Generally, 1mm is used to test the volume weight of thermal insulation materials, which is one of the important methods to verify whether the materials are qualified. About 1 is made of stainless steel, and the flat stainless steel scraper can also evenly coat the photosensitive glue on the wire

the scraping edge of the scraper or scraper should be straight. If it is curved, the scraping glue will be 1 meter, 2 meters or even 5 meters; 3. It is certain that the height of the rotation center will be uneven, which will affect the quality of plate making. The scraper or scraper should not be too long, and it can be used for many times to scrape and splice. Sand holes and edges should be repaired with shorter scrapers or scrapers, so scrapers or scrapers of different lengths should be prepared

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