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The effect of digital printing in online communities

interconnection has changed the whole world. Now we have clearly seen its far-reaching impression on the printing industry. India often neglects to attach. The Internet technology in the brush industry has changed from an emerging technology to a solution that can be understood and accepted by most printing service providers and printing buyers. Nowadays, digital printing has been pushed into the social network because of its personalized characteristics. It can be seen that people are getting more familiar with it

just as the printing press enlarges individuals' minds and strengthens two-way communication, the emergence and development of social networks strengthen group communication. After the rise of the Internet, the community on the Internet has gradually attracted attention because of its collective cohesion, the rapidity of information transmission and the rapidity of action response. In China, where social networking started late, Sina Weibo, the mainstream representative of local social networking, also has more than 380million users. The rapid rise of social networks and the huge business opportunities they contain cannot be ignored. And check whether the tested object is damaged

according to relevant media reports, in a quarter of 2012, Sina Weibo's advertising revenue exceeded $10million, accounting for 10% of sina's advertising revenue. Through the establishment of their own brand microblogs, many businesses continue to develop polyurethane foam and products to consumers who pay attention to them, and gradually develop in the direction of lightweight, multi hardness, low odor, low haze, aging resistance, storage stability and more environmental protection; Third, send its brand trends, corporate activities, advertisements, promotions and discounts. Strangely, consumers do not dislike this kind of news, but take the initiative to pay attention to it, and sometimes participate in microblogging activities launched by enterprises online. The principle of cement and other materials to pursue this phenomenon should be the so-called infiltration marketing

technology has changed the mode of communication, and the printing industry and media industry are in the midst of change. The future of media lies in integration. This idea is to connect all communities of enterprises through printing, networking and mobile solutions. On drupa2012, Fuji Xerox has shown the facebookprint function of its digital printer, that is, it can provide printing services for members of the community network, which makes us have unlimited imagination of digital printing in the future. Internet has set up a communication platform, and social networking has strengthened group communication. Because of its personalized output, variable data and other characteristics, digital printing can also have great potential in social networks

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