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The great difference in the effect of air purifiers is the key to "disease"

as there is still no unified national standard in the air purifier industry, consumers cannot compare the purification effect of products. In fact, it's not necessarily true. Another important reason: consumers' lack of understanding of air purifier products leads to blind purchase, which is also a major incentive for market chaos

with the frequent and continuous occurrence of haze weather and the improvement of people's requirements for air quality, more and more air purifiers have entered the vision of consumers. The labeled definition of air purifier refers to products that can absorb, decompose or transform various pollutants in the air and effectively improve the cleanness of indoor air. Its main function is to remove particles, allergens and indoor PM2.5 in the air. At the same time, it can also solve the indoor volatile air pollutants caused by decoration or other reasons from 2009 to 2013

in the past year or two, air purifiers have become very popular. Many household appliance enterprises and even cross-border enterprises have entered the air purification industry, and the prices of some products have even changed several times a week. Products worth tens of thousands of yuan make consumers dizzy. Recently, the Chinese consumers' Association and local consumers' associations have conducted comparative tests on 21 air purifiers of major brands sold in the markets of Beijing, Tianjin and other places. The results show that the purification functions of different products vary greatly. The product quality of some brands, even some industry leading brands, is not as good as advertised, and there are even manufacturing concepts and false marketing

in this case, most people in the industry attribute the reason to: because there is still no unified national standard in the air purifier industry at present, it is impossible for consumers to compare the purification effect of products. In fact, it's not necessarily true. Another important reason: consumers' lack of understanding of air purifier products leads to blind purchase, which is also a major incentive for market chaos

don't superstitious about brands and high-priced symptomatic shopping is the key

it may be the consumption concept of Chinese people for a long time. Most consumers believe that imported goods are good and expensive goods are high-end in the process of shopping. In fact, for the air purifier, its product technology is not very advanced, and there is not much technical gap between foreign countries and domestic countries. When choosing air purification products, consumers should not only look at the price and publicity, but also consider the purchased products according to their own environmental pollution, living area, expected effect and other aspects

for air purifiers with different purification principles on the market, their emphasis on removing pollutants is also very different

among them, the most popular passive purification type is filter purification. Its main working principle is to use porous filter materials, such as non-woven fabrics and fiber filter paper, to adsorb suspended particles and toxic and harmful gases in the air, so as to achieve the effect of purifying the air. At present, the filter material with the strongest adsorption capacity is HEPA high-density air filter material, and most air purifier products will use multiple filters to comprehensively purify the air. Such products have a good purification effect on PM2.5, odor, formaldehyde and other harmful gases. Of course, the service life of different filters is different, and they need to be replaced in a short period of about one month. However, the service life of filters will be different due to different environmental pollution. The structure of the filter is different, and its price difference is larger than that of its specification from 100kg to ⑴ 400kg, ranging from hundreds of yuan to thousands of yuan. Consumers should consider the later use cost if they can buy such products

the second kind of active purification, known as high-precision and cutting-edge, is filterless. Its main working principle is to electrify pollutants in the air through corona discharge, and then use dust collection devices to collect charged particles. Some products can also release ozone and other bactericidal gases to achieve the purpose of purifying the air. According to the active sterilization principle of these products, they can be divided into silver ion technology, anion technology, low-temperature plasma technology, photocatalyst technology and net ion group ion technology. Such products have a good purification effect on bacteria, allergens and micro particles in the air, but the industry also has technical doubts about the secondary pollution or excessive harm of such products

in a word, when choosing air purification products, consumers should first understand the pollutant status of the home environment and make reasonable choices in combination with their own needs. For example, the air pollution in newly decorated rooms and cars is mainly formaldehyde, benzene, TVOC and other organic pollutants. It is advisable to buy air purifier products with strong social awareness that need to be improved. However, for old houses, or just dealing with haze days and PM2.5, the purifier with strong particle removal performance can be mainly selected. If there are patients at home, whether the purifier has sterilization function should also be considered when choosing it. For all but not refined oil products, the most rational way is to avoid, which not only ensures that the cost-effective function is not wasted, but also ensures the purification effect

for those who are shopping for air purifiers, the author suggests paying attention to the clean air volume index of air purifiers

in the purchase process, consumers generally pay attention to the applicable area index of the air purifier, which is not scientific. Because the applicable area of the air purifier product needs to be clearly stated. Because the applicable area of the purifier is not a clear and fixed value, it changes according to the pollution degree of the room. At present, there is no such technical parameter in relevant national standards

consumers can pay attention to the amount of clean air in the purchase process. Clean air volume is a universal performance index of air purifier in the world. It is a unique and inherent performance parameter of air purifier. It has nothing to do with the volume of test chamber and test time. Clean air volume refers to the rate at which the air purifier produces clean air without specific pollutants. In cubic meters per hour (m3/h), the clean air volume must correspond to the pollutants one by one. Generally, the clean air volume for different pollutants will be marked separately. Because the removal capacity of air purifiers for different pollutants is different, the corresponding amount of clean air is naturally different. This parameter can barely be used as the basis for your purchase of data storage before the introduction of national standards

for those who have enough air purifier products, the author also has two suggestions

filter air purifier, it is important to replace the filter regularly. If the filter is not replaced for a long time, it will not only not purify the air, but also become a source of indoor air pollution. The service life of different filters is different, ranging from 1 to 2 months. According to the different environmental pollution, the service life of filters will be different. At present, some products of purifiers on the market also have a filter replacement reminder function to remind users to replace the filter in a timely manner. Users without this function are better to replace the filter regularly by themselves

for the active air purifier, while purifying the air, the air purifier itself will also produce some harmful substances, such as ozone, ultraviolet, TVOC, PM10, etc., so there are certain requirements for the technical maturity and perfection of such air purifier products. Pay attention to whether there are safety or relevant certification marks when using such products

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