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Heavy oil steam injection boiler has remarkable energy-saving and consumption reduction effect

Henan oil field wipes the bottom of the box with a towel. The second oil production plant mainly produces heavy oil for thermal recovery, and the special steam injection boiler for thermal recovery is the main equipment for heavy oil production. They mainly asked why the fuel structure of steam injection boiler is unreasonable, the power consumption is large, and the boiler thermal efficiency does not reach the maximum value? Through the combined production of thermal mosaic and the joint research of electromechanical and other disciplines, a series of research and application work on energy-saving and consumption reduction technologies of steam injection boilers have been carried out

the original design of the fuel for the steam injection boiler of the plant was oil and gas. The energy consumption of the steam injection boiler accounted for 76.48% of the energy consumption of the five systems of steam injection, mechanical production, gathering and transportation, water injection and electricity in the heavy oil production of the plant. In order to use natural gas for steam injection boilers, they have carried out the research and development of natural gas transmission and distribution, separation and pressure stabilization control technology, and carried out systematic transformation of steam injection boilers in the well building and Gucheng oil area. At present, 9 boilers have the technical conditions for burning natural gas. In terms of the replacement technology of burning residual oil in steam injection boilers, the oil heating system, pipeline heating system and steam purging system have been transformed. At present, 12 steam injection boilers have started to burn mixed oil with a proportion of 70%

they also applied frequency conversion technology to carry out technical transformation of boiler feed water system, and used frequency converter to control the motor of feed pump. At present, 9 gas injection boilers have applied frequency conversion technology, and the comprehensive power saving rate has reached 19.29%. Each speed regulation system saves 12600 kwh per month. By promoting the application of high-temperature infrared radiation insulation technology and waste heat utilization technology of steam injection boilers in synthetic leather, wood and metal coatings, elastomers and foam, the thermal efficiency of 8 steam injection boilers has been increased by 2.7%, and the average surface temperature outside the boiler has been reduced by 25 ℃

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