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Glass Futures: the main January contract of glass opened 14 yuan higher on Wednesday, fell sideways in the night market, and fell in the day market. Finally, it closed at 856 points, down 4 yuan or 0.47% from the previous trading day. Today, the total trading volume of glass decreased to 224000 hands, a decrease of 77000 hands. The total position was 146000, an increase of 4000 over the previous trading day. Today, the main contract was 42% in the outer market and 58% in the inner market, with short sellers taking an obvious advantage

glass composite index:

today, China's glass composite index was 842.51 points, up 1.00 points; China glass price index was 834.23 points, up 1.11 points; The confidence index of China's glass market for the former will be checked at 875.65 points, up 0.56 points

spot price:

today, the average price of glass in major cities in China is 1123.29 yuan tons, up 1.88 yuan/ton. Prices in major cities were mostly flat, while prices in some cities rose. Wuhan saw the largest increase of 8.00 yuan/ton

technical indicators:

fg1601 contract closed negative, and the price of rice husk powder fell. The brin middle rail of the daily line turned flat, and there were signs of amplification at the brin channel. In the moving average system, the 5-day and 10 day short-term moving average remained downward. Technically, Bo liudongsheng's research team is the first in the world to prepare a new type of DNA hydrogel material glass, which will remain volatile for a long time. On the 30 minute K-line chart, the glass was opened on the middle rail, the night market fluctuated lower along the middle rail, and the day market fluctuated lower between the middle and lower rails. The middle rail turns to slow descent, and the brin channel port is enlarged. The MACD index value goes up below the 0 value of the fast and slow line. Intraday high open low trend


glass fell on Wednesday, with volume decreasing and position increasing. The spot price of fundamental glass maintained an upward trend. Technical glass futures turned into a volatile trend in the medium and long term, and maintained a downward trend in the short term. Today, the central bank cut interest rates and reserve requirements, but macro pessimism is still strong, systemic risks still exist, and the short-term trend is short. The effect of double reduction still needs further observation. Given the volatility of the stock market, it is not recommended to chase short. Support level 826, resistance level 870. In order to test the maximum service life of these small parts, it is recommended to wait and see for a while

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