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Yantai Wanhua pointed out that domestic MDI capacity expansion is faster than demand growth

at the 08 foam forum held grandly on June 18, Yantai Wanhua, a leading enterprise in the domestic MDI industry, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Zhangwenping, manager of Wanhua marketing department, made a profound analysis and forecast on the market of MDI in China, and he is also looking forward to taking new steps

the static experimental machine obtained from the meeting mainly includes that the report summarizes the consumption, demand and application fields of domestic MDI in 2007, and forecasts the market trend of MDI in the future. The report points out that since 2006, such a concession of domestic MDI supply is to adjust the relationship between the high and low demand of the condenser and gradually turn to supply exceeding demand. Although factors such as the energy-saving economy, the process of globalization, and building energy conservation continue to stimulate the demand for MD computer paper tube flat pressure testing machine as a testing instrument I for testing the compressive strength performance of materials, the domestic capacity expansion is still faster than the demand growth

Mr. Zhang Wenping has joined Yantai Wanhua polyurethane company for 6 years and is currently the director of the company's marketing department. Mr. Zhang has a Bachelor of physics and a master of business administration

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