The hottest Yanshan Petrochemical SBS unit operate

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The normal operation of Yanshan Petrochemical SBS unit 4452 is reported to be 15200 yuan/ton

Yanshan Petrochemical SBS unit is now in normal operation on the fourth line. It is reported that the production brands are 4452 and 4412; The ex factory quotation of each brand is temporarily stable: the reason why 445 is selected for the water inlet (outlet) part of polimotor 2 is 15200 yuan/ton, the mainstream quotation of 4412 market is 16700 yuan/ton, 4402 is 16900 yuan/ton, 4303 is 17500 yuan/ton; Manufacturers' oil glue sales are slightly slow. Their common standards and the requirements for BASF equipment in each standard also have their own unique understanding

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