The hottest US data is mixed, and aluminum prices

Ex factory price of organic glacial acetic acid on

The effect of the hottest metering packaging on th

The hottest US Congress investigated iPhone users

The hottest US conducts anti-dumping review invest

The effect of glue scraping after stretching the n

The hottest US Canada timber dispute will develop

The hottest US $7.3 billion paper company acquired

The hottest US crude oil spot crude oil basis rose

The hottest US announced sanctions against six Chi

The hottest US crude oil rose slightly, and Shangh

The hottest US Bonner launched surecross wireless

The effect of the hottest digital printing in onli

The hottest US crude oil futures fell again, and t

Ex factory price of organic methanol on December 3

Ex factory price of organic isobutanol on the hott

Ex factory price of organic styrene on December 15

The effect of the hottest air purifier is differen

The hottest US Air Force funded the development of

Ex factory price of organic phthalic anhydride on

The hottest US announced the dumping ruling result

The hottest US crude oil production cut, and the i

Ex factory price of organic pure benzene on Novemb

The hottest US aluminum producer expects China's d

The hottest US crude oil fell, and New York crude

The effect of energy saving and consumption reduct

The effect of the hottest glass with high opening

The hottest US Agency predicts that the market val

The hottest US conducted double anti administrativ

The hottest US crude oil spot crude oil basis is w

The effect of the hottest government investment sh

The hottest US announced that it would launch 301

Ex factory price of organic pure benzene on Decemb

Operation risks and safety precautions of the hott

The hottest Yanshan Petrochemical PE plant dynamic

Operation plan of the hottest full container compr

Operation situation of the hottest instrument indu

Operation process IV of the hottest digital prepre

The hottest Yanshan Petrochemical brominated butyl

The hottest Yantai Wanhua pointed out that the dom

Operation of the intermittent mechanism of the osc

The hottest Yanshan Petrochemical PP today's produ

The hottest Yanshan Petrochemical PP price fell

The hottest Yanshan Petrochemical butyl rubber pla

The hottest Yanshan Petrochemical SBS unit operate

Operation procedures of the hottest shovel conveyo

The hottest Yanshan Petrochemical PE continues to

Operation step 0 of the hottest high performance l

Operation process and operation condition of Chaoh

Operation of textile industry in May

Operation rules of the hottest radial drilling mac

Operation specification for the hottest fixed towe

Operation safety technology of the hottest catalyt

Operation principle of the hottest AC fan operatio

The hottest Yanshan Petrochemical PP morning dynam

The hottest Yanshan Petrochemical pilot production

The hottest Yantai humon pump industry was success

Operation requirements and problems of the hottest

Operation skills of the hottest flexographic print

Operation of the hottest inkjet photo machine when

The hottest Yanshan Petrochemical CIS polybutadien

The hottest Yanshan Petrochemical PE plant dynamic

The hottest Yantai Wanhua is planning to acquire H

The hottest Yantai spandex resolutely defends inte

The hottest Yantang dairy sued the popular milk pa

Two new sensors of the hottest Turk

The development plan for the hottest emerging indu

The hottest Inner Mongolia plans to complete 15bil

The development prospect of fuhuo tevaleric acid i

The development prospect and analysis of China's p

The hottest innovation and intelligence is the fut

The development process and thinking of China's pa

The hottest innovation and development ansenmey wo

The development of the press and publishing indust

The development of the most popular foreign printi

The hottest innovation and high efficiency Rittal

The hottest innovation achievements support the im

The development pace of the hottest instruments an

The development plan of the hottest emerging energ

The hottest innovation drives the road of industri

The development of the most popular Qinchuan gear

The development path of the hottest chemical indus

Three great changes in the development of the hott

The hottest innovation drives product upgrading Sh

The development of the most coal-fired machinery i

The development prospect of inverter supporting pr

The development planning goal of smart grid in Chi

The development of the most popular flexographic p

The hottest innovation and international cooperati

The development of the most popular pulp molding i

The hottest innovation eternal railway constructio

The development prospect of plastic packaging in t

The hottest innovation China attracts domestic man

The development of the most popular digital printi

The development of the most popular Roland online

The hottest innovation drives XCMG to send 35 dump

The development plan of the hottest petrochemical

Door and window enterprises break the mode deadloc

Toilet decoration pictures Daquan 4 practical and

Precautions for puttying a wide range of putties

A complete list of aluminum doors and windows with

There are many hidden dangers of extended service

In addition to selling products, the top ten brand

Function of concealed mop pool whether it needs to

Xiou doors and windows keep close to the consumpti

Do you think it looks good when you appreciate the

PVC gusset ceiling and purchasing skills

Yafei wallcovering 0 formaldehyde green design to

Shanghai office decoration how to decorate an offi

The most personalized home basks in the mixed styl

How to cooperate with real estate in Rongda centur

A good home at a low price. Modern home with three

How to choose whether the curtain is installed in

Only with passion can we win the market

Three things Wuhan owners need to know about decor

Spring decoration benefits more choose home decora

Tips for choosing hardware and accessories for cab

Be cautious about the self-help method of wall and

How to deal with decoration contract disputes

Runcheng Chuangzhan creates a new security door cl

Elegant Nordic artists' home fantasy Elia full hou

How to choose high quality softened water treatmen

Reduce five common failures in decoration

Kuba kitchen appliances should be carefully select

The decoration of small family restaurants is not

The development of the most popular high barrier p

The hottest innfos has developed intelligent flexi

The development of woodworking machine tools is bo

The hottest Inner Mongolia to carry out special la

The hottest innovation and development speed up th

The development pace of the hottest packaging and

The hottest innovation and win-win Zhengzhou coal

The development plan of Chongqing urban agglomerat

The hottest innovation agglomeration effect highli

The development prospect of packaging technology i

The hottest innovation drives breakthrough machine

The hottest innovation and upgrading CITIC Heavy I

The hottest Inner Mongolia will build the largest

The hottest Inner Mongolia International Dairy exh

The development prospect of plastic auxiliary mach

The hottest innovation drives the development of l

The development prospect of digital printing equip

The hottest innovation drives the renewal of Shang

The hottest Inner Mongolia plans to invest 101bill

The hottest Inner Mongolia Jiutai and Yangmei chem

The hottest innovation drives the future

The hottest innovation and development wins respec

The hottest innovation and talents become the new

High quality artificial sand needs solid technical

Spring light instrument recommended by Aksu AC ins

High quality is the king. Uncover the four key poi

High quality development of Jiangsu machinery indu

High quality film cannot be separated from good co

Spring in March Asia Pacific Senbo is busy plantin

Analysis history of the hottest Beijing Digital Ex

High quality development of logistics is the found

Spring Festival is coming, be careful of fruit pac

Spring and summer lightweight women's clothing fab

Spring Festival Baodian Yuanjiang Power Supply Bur

Spreadtrum launched an integrated wireless connect

High quality image acquisition

Spreading manufacturing ideas and promoting indust

The industrialization level of CNC machine tools i

Only you can connect Weizhou with the Internet. Ma

Onsipwebrtc needs more developers

The industrialization of new environmental protect

Hainan actively guides the transformation of areca

Benson Group installed the UK's first Komori sx40

BenQ Zhulu manufacturing ERP solution

OPC technology introduction and OPC development te

Bennilanda and EFI chairman on digital printing

Spring afforestation upsurge in Xinjiang

BenQ zowieger drowikia xl273

High quality comprehensive hardware tools market u

High quality flexographic printing creates new opp

Spraying technology of gurek water-borne coating

The industrial upgrading of China's manufacturing

The industrialization of high and new technology b

Haimen jieyongda machine tool table is equipped wi

Hainan agricultural reclamation reform was affirme

Only when the wind power industry responds to the

Benguo technology signed a contract with cloudcc t

Hailing international strives to build the western

Only two steps are needed to change the height den

Only when Shanhe intelligence becomes stronger and

The industrial structure adjustment Guidance Catal

The industrialization of regenerated fiber is diff

Only when the crane operator is forward-looking ca

Hailu heavy industry has sufficient orders at pres

Hailunzhe company sells aerial work vehicles to Ji

Benign interaction between industry and finance to

Only when Inspur combines big data can CRM have a

Xuangong company implements the spirit of the grou

The industrialization of soft new process carbon b

Hainan 600000 ton refining and chemical paraxylene

The industrial tax burden is reduced but not incre

BenQ BenQ projector w1070 how about BenQ projector

BenQ 3G netbook 4-color composite printing inner m

Spring exchange meeting on 2013 school enterprise

High quality development of manufacturing industry

High quality anti-counterfeiting and green environ

Spring is coming for environmental protection indu

High quality drive deep ploughing corrugated Emers

Spring Festival lighting project starts flaming tr

Spring II of large format inkjet printing equipmen

KROHNE is Optiflex guided wave mine

Application of RFID technology in intelligent park

Vision2007 exhibition data release 08 Exhibition

Kraton introduces the alternative of PVC stretch w

Application of RFID technology in logistics manage

Krama outdoor lighting lamp manufacturer

Application of RFID technology in the production a

Application of RFID technology in coal mine safety

KP invested 45.6 million euros to expand global fi

Application of RFID technology in furniture manufa

KPN Belgium chooses ZTE to deploy a unified integr

Plastic shopping bags in farmers' markets are hard

Application of rigid polyurethane foam for buildin

KPI system unlock the golden key of ERP benefit ev

Application of RFID technology in equipment manage

Application of RFID technology in Italian wine ind

Krabeck specializes in manufacturing thinner and w

Krones developed F1 filling machine





China Yituo Armed Forces Department won the title

China Wuyi Kenya project leader and his delegation

Dalian SASAC four funded enterprises were selected

San Francisco plans to ban plastic bags

San'an optoelectronics hantiancheng and other ente

Dalian private enterprises incorporated nanotechno

Sanan optoelectronics will establish microled prod

Sandvik clonon's increasingly important square sho

Dalian puchuan technology undertakes the initial s

Dalian unveiling of Joint Laboratory of catalytic

Samsung's transformation is coming again, and the

Sandbox rookie mechanical century will land on IOS

Dalian small and medium-sized enterprises test the

Dalian Railway Heavy Construction Machinery Co., L

Dalian shipbuilding industry adjusts its structure

Sandu County Taiwan Business Industrial Park will

Sandvik croman changes to hard parts processing

Dalian PVC spot delivery arbitrage investment sche

Dalian Wafangdian Bearing is among the top 30 regi

San pello launches limited edition Pavarotti theme

Sanbao Xingye micro vision Lexus and American ultr

Dalian Rubber and plastic machinery will cooperate

Dalian Wanli transformer power construction and ma

Dalian Plastics Co., Ltd. was on a phased platform

San vanti enforces patent infringement against hrs

Why is Shandong green card trading cold treated af

Plastic reduction action environmental protection

Plastic trade between China and Japan increased si

Shanghai Pudong Development Bank credit card smart

Shanghai Pudong Development Futures Co., Ltd. jump

Detailed rules for the implementation of the plan

Detailed rules of 2016 China Packaging creative de

Shanghai printing and binding material production

Detailed Rules for the Implementation of the Trade

Shanghai promotes the new development of digital p

Shanghai printing and packaging machinery industry

Shanghai promotes financial innovation and plans o

Xingfeng CNC makes every CNC wire cutting machine

Shanghai Pudong Development Futures Co., Ltd. is a

China XCMG marries German concrete giant Shi Weiyi

Details for installation and removal of timing cha

Details of color business cards in the process of

Shanghai Pudong Construction Engineering Consultin

TOCOM rubber in Tokyo closed lower by 190 yen

Details of ERP plan of Zhejiang Jingxing Paper Gro

Shanghai Pudong artificial intelligence innovation

Detailed top-level design of gaofuxian intelligent

Shanghai promotes the use of environmentally frien

Shanghai professional UAV cooling fan manufacturer

Shanghai Pudong Airport Phase II project started 0

Details of flexographic prepress plate making proc

Detailed rules for the revitalization plan of the

Details of hanging order for rubber bidding transa

Details determine the success or failure of packag

Details of hanging order for rubber bidding transa

Details of hanging order for rubber bidding transa

Details of hanging order for rubber bidding transa

Shanghai printing and packaging industry how to de

Shanghai production and management solutions

Details of hanging order for rubber bidding transa

Shanghai produces 1.3 million tons of waste paper

Shanghai promotes the development of remanufacturi

China Xidian Electric Co., Ltd

Plastic vitality of medical packaging industry

Plastic rubber quotation of Qilu Chemical City on

China XD Group and General Electric Company of the

Shanghai Jiaotong University successfully develope

Shanghai issued housing renovation standards to st

Details of the closing of rubber bidding transacti

Xintai Xiezhuang school students have classes and

Shanghai Jianai insists on diversified development

Details of Sany excavator in cab 0

Details of the closing of rubber bidding transacti

Details of the closing of rubber bidding transacti

Fujian operation center of France Metz coatings of

Xinjin, the largest plastic steel profile and plas

Fujian plastic products export volume and price ri

Shanghai Jiaotong's shock decline is still possibl

Details of rubber bidding transaction of Hainan tr

Shanghai Jiaotong futures prices rose and fell, an

Fujian packaging leader surfaced, Hexing first, an

Special functional food packaging paper adds brigh

Special heavy-duty anti-corrosion ATO coating for

Special high-quality PTFE realizes serialization

Special film for opaque bar code

Special glass and glass fiber will become stars in

Special fiber composite wire Market Shengze chemic

Special foundation for meituan takeout Castle Peak

AVIC Sanxin special glass upstart

Special for PPR pipe standard supplied by Luyan Co

Fujian promotes a new round of infrastructure cons

Fujian optoelectronics giant San'an optoelectronic

Special inquiry of the Standing Committee of Haina

Fujian plans to invest 29 billion yuan in expressw

Special ink printing color decoration 1

Special fiber composite wire Market Shengze chemic

About adding construction machinery leasing in bic

Fujian nylon filament Market December 26

Details of the closing of rubber bidding transacti

Details of the closing of rubber bidding transacti

Fujian province accelerates the construction of In

Fujian plans to build 18 intercity railways, with

Fujian paper mill sewage is discharged into inland

Fujian Port Group 124 container cranes oil to elec

AVIC Sanxin subsidiary plans to purchase 100 share

Special glass bird's nest red for Olympic project

Fujian Printing Industry Symposium held in Jinjian

Special glue for spray drying developed in the Uni

Fujian plastics industry technology innovation cen

Fujian plans to increase its transportation invest

About baumachina2016 tietuo machine

Shanghai Jielong will vigorously explore the domes

Shanghai Jiading completed the special project of

Shanghai Jianfu special coating Co., Ltd. fought w

Shanghai Jiaotong hit a new low all the way down M

Details of the closing of rubber bidding transacti

Details of rubber bidding transaction of Hainan tr

Shanghai Jianai independently developed high-end m

Determination of methanol in cosmetics

Determination of fatty acids in tea oil

Shanghai took the lead in adopting flexographic in

Determination of development objectives of China's

Shanghai Unicom launches 3gsn for iPhone users

Determination of critical flow coefficient of natu

Determination of indigo in Gujing tablets by first

Shanghai University successfully developed high pe

Shanghai Volkswagen cast steel floating ball valve

Shanghai uses economic means to control white poll

Determination of guanicitilu tablets by HPLC

Determination of discharge schedule of papermaking

Details of the closing of rubber bidding transacti

Shanghai waste paper recycling industry shrinks

Determination of energy conservation and emission

Determination of material selection and size dista

Determination of NC machining feed

Determination of iodine in kelp by potassium iodat

Shanghai Tongtian won the bid for the high-speed c

Shanghai Waigaoqiao pump gate control system

Determination of color sequence in offset lithogra

Determination of gallic acid in Lihoule buccal tab

Shanghai wholesale of mitochondrial membrane poten

Shanghai Unicom has opened a video call with Japan

Shanghai United States and Shanghai signed the top

Determination of cyclamate in wine by gas chromato

Determination of ethoxyacetaminophen by UV Spectro

Shanghai Tobacco printing held the third national

Details of rubber bidding transaction of Hainan tr

Details of rubber bidding transaction of Hainan tr

Shanghai Jiaotong directly pointed to 30000 in the

Shanghai Jiaotong fell across the board in the med

Details of the closing of rubber bidding transacti

Shanghai Tobacco printing company organized photos

Shanghai will become FANUC's second largest robot

Shanghai will build Asia's largest ethylene produc

Determination of low pressure polyethylene film on

Details of the closing of rubber bidding transacti

Details of the closing of rubber bidding transacti

Details of the air force attack 2 UAV's debut at Z

China warns US on higher tariff report

China Water Conservation Forum held in Gansu

China weighs new fiscal stimulus plan

Policy digest _48

Policy Digest _49

Policy Digest _40

China weekly box office sales totals $117 million

China warns US against attempt to rename TECRO - W

China warns US against putting bilateral trade tie

Policy digest _34

Policy Digest _4

Policy digest _30

China warns Washington over BRI criticism followin

China warns of severe floods in major rivers

China welcomes all UN member states to jointly uti

China warns US against attempt to rename TECRO - W

SGMAV-10A3A6C Yaskawa Original Package Industrial

16mm Braided Lifeline Safety Rope Wear Resistant f

Rapid Development Mobile Security Barrier Razor Wa

China warns US against putting bilateral trade tie

China weighs on phone market - World

White HV Powerful Waterproof Rc Esc For Boat 22S 3

33uf 250v Low ESR Electrolytic Capacitors 13X25mm

Policy Digest _35

COVID-19 Impact on Global Graphene-Based Supercapa

75D Coated Polyester Fabricuhshstpf

Global Crusher Market Research Report 2021 - Impac

Hands Free Automatic Wrap Auto Bundling Machine Fo

Policy digest _28

Plastic feed screws Plastic feedscrew Plastic feed

United States Antisense and RNAi Therapeutics Mark

Customized POE Android Based Face Recognition Digi

Deep Cycle 48V 17.5Ah Lithium Ion Battery Pack For

China wastes less renewable energy in Q1

Policy Digest _42

Policy Digest _43

Worldwide Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Market Re

Wall Decorative Culture Artificial Stone Mould 20m

used pc128us crawler excavator second hand digger

Global and China Social Business Intelligence Mark

20PS579 21 Excavator Spare Partsg5tdddc5

China welcomes ASEAN summit statement

China warns tourists to respect local laws after t

Online 100~240VAC Suspended Solids Controller For

Width 1.4m PVC Artificial Leather For Upholsteryl2

Global Hard Drive Degausser Market Insights and Fo

Semi Auto Type PCB Stencil Printer , Solder Paste

Global Food Safety Testing Systems&Services Market

waterproof zipper bag transparent biodegradable me

China warns of retaliatory US visa curbs - World

China warns US against proposed tariffs on $200b w

Master Touch 27 Inch Unlimited touches Superior Re

SGMP-01A8YR11 Yaskawa motor, controller and module

Policy Digest _5

Global Sports And Fitness Nutrition Supplements Ma

26mm 5000kn Computerized Universal Testing Machine

AZ31B AZ80 Magnesium forging plate block billet, g

Vertical Axis Wind Turbine-300Wj4lnb4gu

Global Automotive Spark and Glow Plugs Market Insi

Wall Strength Elegance Comfort Decorative Glass Pa

10oz10Ne 46-30 GOTS organic cotton Home decor fabr

Global Hand Sanitizer and Liquid Hand Soap Market

Global Recorded Music Market Insights and Forecast

China warns US over BRI criticism - World

China weighs ban on gas, diesel-powered vehicles

China warns schools against students' drowning

Two Women Pouring Water Marble Statue Slate Odm St

China warns off US warship trespassing in S China

Policy Digest _41

Interchangeable Sand Casting Flasks For Foundry Mo

COMER anti-theft alarm stands display holder cable

China Week in New Zealand reveals secrets of Dunhu

China warns travelers not to visit US

Policy digest _27

black rubber grip weight plate set, rubber tri gri

80449-31-6 Lab Follistatin 344 Powder Bodybuilding

3015 interactive double platform plate tube integr

China welcomes all foreign businesses- spokesperso

Policy Digest _3

wholesale helium gasaifcagya

Aluminum Copper Resistance Spot Welding Machine In

Mannequins Market - Global Outlook and Forecast 20

3.0 Meter High Welding Stainless Steel Sculpture11

Eco Friendly Athletic Knit Fabric 4 Way Stretch Di

A46 Emulsified asphalt Vertical grinding machinev0

China warns schools against students' drowning _1

China welcomes appointment of new WTO chief

Global UHT Milk Packaging Market Research Report 2

AMG4 Back Dual Rear Caliper 355x28mm Grey Cast Iro

Heater Car Blower Resistor 64116929540 BMW Blower

Himalayan Salt Lamptk4ahd2t

Global and United States High Speed Refrigerated C

MDF Wood Hotel Bedroom Setsiiufcjru

Health Care Product Herbal Improve Sleeping Detox

Disposable 3 Ply Face Mask For Germ Protection , M

FDA LongKou Gluten Free Mung Bean Glass Noodles He

OEM ODM Velvet Lining EVA Watch Case PU Leather Su

Shengruisi packaging J056-5G 30G 50G square acryli

Cast iron pipe fitting thread connect plumbing nam

Engraved Embossing Roller Gravure Cylinder For Cig

eco friendly paper printed shopping coffee packagi

Policy digest _24

1000ml Black Disposable Biodegradable Bento Food N

Skincare Plastic Packaging Jar With Screw Lids 100

China Supplier Fix it Wrap Repair Tape Fiberglass

Policy Digest _44

Golden Dragon bus lamp,Golden Dragon bus light,Gol

Policy digest _26

COMER anti-theft cable locking devices for gsm Mob

Praseodymium Neodymium Alloy Rare Earth Metals44sk

China warns of repercussions for US 'HK act'

China welcomes Brazil's anti-subsidy ruling on hot

Good news!Quality shears, supplier of high-quality

High quality professional weight loss cellulite re

PN20 Nickel Plated Hpb59-1 PEX Brass Fittings Male

6 MOA 30mm Objective Lens Red Dot Sights Airsof Gu

Surgical Wire Baskete1sigdcw

1mm Thickness 60W Ultrasonic Basket Cleaner 800ml

Pall Pressure Filter Element HC8314 Series HC8314F

Spy Cameracfp1iwkv

handle tempered heat resistant custom Round Mouth

70LPI PET 0.9MM 60X80CM Lenticular Plastic lens fo

60 T Die Transfer Cart Heavy Duty Free Turning Bat

Fantastic design funky cartoon lunch bag for kidss

Base vs. Bass

Staff Fits- Stressed, But Well Dressed

ASTM B387 TZM Alloy Rod For Anode Rotor Of CT Mach

Flat Screen Print Printed Polyester Spandex Fabric

#MeToo, NYU- Feminist Clubs on Campus Respond to t

Customize Aluminum Metal Machining , Deep Drawn Pa

Doosan TSM140 Handok Hydraulic Pump Spare Parts4ct

Bare ACSR Conductor For Code 16~1250 And The Total

Portable custom logo printed Transparent Makeup Wi

Undergraduate students support GSOC on the picket

360 Rotation Segregation Vending Flowers Machine F

How radio astronomy put new eyes on the cosmos

StageWorks Shines Light on Shakespeare

UTAH4P Catapter ekg cable ,ecg cable for patient m

High Quality Magnetic Hand Lifters for Lifting Met

The Myth of Unpaid Internships

30 Meters Ss310 Washing Vegetables Chain Mesh Conv

Kavli prizes announced

ISO14001 Alumina Ceramic Header Assembly For HVDC

Titanium Plate Hair Straightener Curling Iron Salo

Policy Digest _37

Policy digest _25

Policy digest _47

China welcomes Australian PM's speech - World

Policy digest _32

Policy digest _29

Xiaomi beats Samsung in Indian market

China warns tourists of US travel risks

Policy Digest _31

Policy Digest _46

Policy digest _33

Policy Digest _38

Hungary’s opposition unites in bid to oust Viktor

Londoners with family living near Ukrainian nuclea

Talk of the town- Hollywood gears up for awards se

1 COVID-19 death, hospitalizations continue to fal

Residents living in fear of homeless in Palma neig

No contingency plan for major Balearics blackout -

YouTube closes accounts of pro-Russian separatists

Spain to give AstraZeneca vaccine to those aged 45

Several injured after landslide destroys homes in

Bridget McKenzie widens Coalition rift widens over

Heres what you need to know about getting a COVID-

COVID-19- Almost 3.6 million people vaccinated aga

Michael Masi replaced as Formula 1 race director a

Spain sees uptake of vaccines by younger people am

Spanish truckers continue strike despite governmen

OCBC Bank acquires stakes in multiple Solomartel r

Nunavut reports 20 new cases of COVID-19, adds Cam

Hapless SNP plans for Scottish independence would

New domestic violence shelter offers support for a

Tisdale Fire enforces distance policy, discharging

Apologise to Scotland- Shona Robison slams Patel o

Ontario records lowest number of new COVID-19 case

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