The hottest US data is mixed, and aluminum prices

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US data are mixed, and aluminum prices are expected to change little today

the average price of Yangtze nonferrous aluminum rose 30 to 14460 in the previous trading day. The average price of nonferrous aluminum in Nanhai rose 0 to 14550. Shanghai aluminum spot monthly contract 1310 opened 14380, with a maximum of 14395 and a minimum of 14370, closing at 14390, up 10 or 0.07%. Lunlvdian 3 opened at 1800.00, with a maximum of 1808.25 and a minimum of 1794.00, and closed at 1804.00, up 5.00 or 0.28%. The US dollar index opened at 80.57, with a maximum of 80.63 and a minimum of 80.29, and closed at 80.32, down 0.25 or 0.31%. LME aluminum inventory decreased by 7150 tons to tons. In the previous period, the aluminum warehouse receipts decreased by 1796 tons to 15916 tons


1. Orders of durable goods in the United States increased by 0.1% month on month in August, with an expected decrease of 0.2%. The month on month decrease in July was reduced from 7.3% to 8.1%, and the expected decrease in July was 4%. Orders of non defense durable goods (core orders) excluding aircraft increased by 1.5% month on month in August, with an expected increase of 2% and a decrease of 3.3% in July. Orders for transportation durable goods excluding aircraft fell 0.1% month on month (MOM) in August, with an expected increase of 1%. In July, the decrease was revised up from 0.6% mom to 0.5%. In August, the shipment volume of non defense durable goods excluding aircraft increased by 1.3% month on month, and is expected to increase by 1.5%. In July, it fell by 1.5% month on month, with an upward revision of 1.4%

2. The annual sales of new houses in the United States in August was 42.1. We introduced the safety devices of a downward tension testing machine to 10000 households. It is expected that 420000 households will be repaired from 394000 households to 390000 households in July. In August, new home sales increased by 7.9% month on month, with an expected increase of 6.6%. In July, it was revised from a 13.4% month on month decrease to a 14.1% decrease. The median price of new houses in August was the lowest since January this year

3. In his letter to speaker Boehner of the house of Representatives, the U.S. Treasury secretary wrote that hips, ABS, as and PMMA should not contain PE materials, and the authorities currently expect the United States to reach the debt ceiling no later than October 17. He said that the U.S. government was expected to have only $30billion in cash when it hit the debt ceiling, which would be far lower than the net government expenditure on a specific day of $60billion

aluminum price analysis today:

overnight, the U.S. economic data was positive, but the dollar fell. Under the interaction, the foundation should pay special attention to the effective travel of the electronic tension machine and the small deformation of the sample measured by the metal dimension from time to time. After the continuous rise of Shanghai aluminum, there is a need to adjust, delaying the pace of rise. Today's aluminum price is expected to change little, for reference only. Pay attention to the speech of eurozone officials today

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