The hottest US Congress investigated iPhone users

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In the morning of April 27, Beijing time, the U.S. Congress began to further investigate the case of manufacturers collecting user location information this week. The company issued a private placement plan, requiring apple and its developers to frankly explain the purpose of these location data, and plans to hold separate hearings on mobile privacy

the house of Representatives energy and Commerce Committee sent a letter to major system developers in the industry on Monday, requesting the latter to provide location data information on smart, tablet computers and other wireless devices using their systems

the Senate will hold a hearing on mobile privacy on May 10, which will be the first topic faced by the newly established subsidiary Committee of the Ministry of justice in the field of privacy and technology. Senator Al Franken, chairman of the committee, said: "smart and tablet computer products use the same technology to collect extreme sensitivity about users. 1. Variable frequency system tension tester: it adopts variable frequency motor control system to sense information, which includes detailed records of users' daily movement and positioning information."

the house of Representatives has written to Apple CEO Steve jobs to explain how the access records of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users are compiled and saved in the device. Similar letters were also sent to the executives of Google, Microsoft, rim, HP and Nokia, asking for a reply before May 9. Sina Technology

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