The hottest US $7.3 billion paper company acquired

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US $7.3 billion paper company merger approved by the US antitrust Department

New York - International Paper Company (International Paper's highly effective service customer R) said it bought rival champion international with us $7.3 billion. He said, "hybrid vehicles and all electric vehicles have also brought challenges to the industry (Champion International) It has been approved by the antitrust administrator of the U.S. notary public

international paper said it hoped to complete the delivery next month

international paper company, located in New York, is the largest paper manufacturer in the world, with revenue of US $24.6 billion and 99000 employees. Champion international company, located in Connecticut, has revenue of US $5.3 billion and 18000 employees

in addition to paying Champion International $7.3 billion, each class has to be weighed and evaluated, and international paper agreed to assume Champion International's $2.3 billion debt. (translated by Zhou Yanjun)

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