The hottest US crude oil spot crude oil basis rose

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[US crude] the spot crude oil basis rose due to the weakness of the Futures Spread

according to Houston on March 27, the US spot crude oil basis strengthened on Friday, as the Futures Spread weakened in the slow to moderate trading throughout the day

Louisiana light and low sulfur (LLS) crude oil sold at $1.45 per barrel, up 20 cents from the benchmark West Texas Intermediate oil (WTI); Mars high sulfur crude oil was $2.25 higher than WTI premium (3) after the strengthening stage passed the yield stage, up 35 cents

traders and brokers said that the transaction was not bright, because crude oil in May was still in the early stage of trading, and procurement was still slow

on the futures market, WTI crude oil contract in May fell $1.96 to $52.38 a barrel; Brent crude oil fell $1.48 to $51.98 a barrel in May

wti crude oil contract cross month positive price difference expanded from $1.44 per barrel to $1.64 per barrel; The price difference between wit crude oil and Brent crude oil weakened from 88 cents to 40 cents

the weak price spread will lead to the strengthening of spot crude oil basis

among other spot crude oils, bonito high sulfur crude oil was traded at a discount of $1.50 per barrel compared with WTI, up 20 cents; Louisiana heavy low sulfur crude rose 45 cents to 20 cents higher than WTI

poseidon high sulfur crude oil traded at a discount of $2.75 per barrel, unchanged from Thursday. The discount of thunder horse crude oil is $1.30 per barrel, which is in line with the price range of the previous trading day

the basis of West Texas high sulfur crude oil strengthened by 30 cents, selling at a discount of $1.50 per barrel compared with WTI

and realize a smooth transition without impact when switching between modes. In the west coast region, alar has great uncertainty in equipment procurement, production line equipment and commissioning. The latest public transaction of ska North Slope crude oil (ANS) was reached on Friday, with a discount of $3.00 per barrel compared with wit

buyers lowered their bid for California crude oil by $1.95, as the price of wit crude oil futures fell

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