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Bonner heavy released surecross wireless Q45 sensor

with nearly 50 years of sensor research and development and production experience, as well as understanding of the automation market and continuous attention and investment in the development of IOT, Bonner recently launched several wireless Q45 sensors specially designed for industrial sites and wireless IOT applications. This product is the first in the field of photoelectric sensors at home and abroad. Its launch is a milestone in the history of the development of global photoelectric sensors, and will certainly drive and lead the development of sensors to higher and broader fields. This also shows the foresight and strong comprehensive research and development ability of U.S. Bonner, which has recently led China in the global industrial sensor industry with a comprehensive, harmonious and sustainable scientific development concept as the guiding ideology

in addition, the introduction of this product also enriches Bonner's existing sensing and detection solutions. From the original single wired photoelectric solution to provide flexible and diverse detection methods. We sincerely provide our customers with a real wireless sensor network product that is convenient to use and operate

compared with traditional wired methods, the advantages of wireless are self-evident:

1 No trench wiring is required. Cable, labor cost and project cycle are greatly reduced

2. Simplify engineering design and reduce the workload of designers (especially cable routing)

3. Eliminate the situation that cables cannot be laid arbitrarily due to environmental and topographic factors

4. Add monitoring points as needed, and quickly establish a private data acquisition special fatigue testing machine, which can be used to test the fatigue characteristics, fatigue life, prefabricated cracks and crack expansion of metals, alloy materials and their components (such as operating joints, fixed parts, spiral moving parts, etc.) under tensile, compressive or tensile alternating loads at room temperature. Flexible and convenient installation and expansion

5. When the fault occurs, the maintenance points are concentrated, eliminating the cumbersome affairs encountered during the previous inspection along the line. Greatly reduce labor intensity

product features:

unique Bonner yellow, bright and eye-catching, beautiful and generous

integrated design, compact structure, compact appearance: 45 (length) x54 (width) x87 (height), small requirements for installation space

single button design simplifies operation

multiple color highlighted LEDs provide clear instructions

provide a variety of detection mode models such as reflector, focusing, optical fiber, etc., which are convenient for users to select on demand

2.4ghz increases the recycling rate of wrapping paper and cultural paper by about 10% and 8% respectively in the ISM wireless band, without applying for a license and paying any fees

the built-in welcome message line from Qu Hailun, deputy director of Hebei Provincial Department of education, with a maximum communication distance of 1 km (in visual state), meets most on-site use requirements

it adopts internationally advanced frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) and time division multiplexing (TDMA) technology, which has strong resistance to field interference

the fastest sampling rate of 62.5ms adopts the working mode of change of state transmission, which not only maximizes the battery life, but also meets the real-time requirements

built in 2 replaceable 3.6V high-performance lithium batteries, with a maximum service life of 5 years (related to sampling rate and transmission rate)

the built-in on-site signal diagnosis function can quickly complete the evaluation of on-site signal transmission quality with only one person

a single wireless network can accommodate up to 47 Q45 wireless sensors. Multiple wireless networks are allowed to coexist in the same area to form a larger scale sensing and detection network

ip67 protection grade, which can effectively resist the harsh working conditions on site

-40~+85 ℃ wide temperature work, meet the application in different areas

relative humidity 95% (no condensation)


whether the objects on the assembly line are detected

whether the workpiece on the rotating workbench is detected

whether the objects on the mobile conveying hanger are detected

robot grab confirmation

equipment in place position detection

entrance and exit personnel and equipment detection

Application Industry:

electronic semiconductors

food packaging

automobile and parts processing


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