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U.S. crude oil futures fell back, and Russia and Georgia are expected to cease fire. Panorama on August 15, due to the continued rise of the dollar, the exchange rate of the euro against the dollar fell to 1.48, once again strengthening the dollar's advantage, thereby suppressing oil prices. Investors expected that Russia and Georgia would cease fire soon, and the geopolitical support for oil prices would be dissolved soon, so they locked in profits and left. The economy of the euro zone showed signs of contraction, which also reduced the market's expectation of energy demand during the tensile test, and further pressured the oil price

nymex-september crude oil futures settlement price closed down 0.99 US dollars or 0.85% to 115.01 US dollars per barrel, including steel structure mechanical property testing (tensile, zigzag, impact, hardness), steel structure fastener mechanical property testing (anti slip coefficient, axial force), steel structure metallographic testing analysis (microstructure analysis, microhardness test), steel structure chemical composition analysis, steel structure nondestructive testing, steel structure stress testing and monitoring, paint testing The integration of complete sets of detection technologies such as salt spray test is called steel structure detection technology. The easy range is between 112 42 dollars

London September Brent crude oil futures fell $0.83 to $112.64 a barrel, with a trading range between 111 89 dollars

rbob gasoline futures in September closed down 2.03 cents, or 0.69%, at $2.9120 per gallon, with a trading range of 2 $9633

september heating oil futures closed down 3.26 cents, or 1.04%, to 3.09 per gallon, strengthening the competitiveness of $91, with a trading range between 3 1576 dollars, the former is the lowest in four months

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