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U.S. crude oil production cut and international oil prices hit a new high. It is expected that the follow-up resources are worrying, and the price adjustment may still be

on August 8, gasoline and diesel rose in many domestic markets yesterday, triggering the refined oil market. It is difficult to effectively guarantee the supply of follow-up resources, which will still cause market concerns and drive prices up. The formation of this situation is the result of the comprehensive action of a series of factors, such as the overhaul of many refineries in Northeast China, which is an important source of resources, the peak consumption season in various regions this month, and the lack of increase in resource investment, and the threat of frequent typhoons to marine resource transportation. At the same time, the possibility of another price adjustment by the national development and Reform Commission cannot be ruled out when international oil prices hit a new high recently, Christman said. It is expected that this will urge and continue to promote deep development. At present, it should be a better time for replenishment and warehousing. The 700000 T/a coal to olefin new material demonstration project of Shenhua Ningmei Saudi Basic Industry Company is located in zone a of coal chemical industry base of Ningxia Ningdong energy and chemical industry base

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