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American aluminum producers hope for increased demand in China

according to Dow Jones Shanghai on November 16, novelisinc It is hoped that with the increase of sales of high-quality Chinese cars, the market demand for the company's aluminum products will increase significantly

using aluminum and aluminum alloy instead of steel to produce more kinds of lighter and more fuel-efficient cars has become a more and more common practice of automobile manufacturers all over the world. China is also promoting domestic producers to produce in this way

shashimaudgal, President of nobelis Asia, said in an interview that this is good news for aluminum. The US company broke ground on an aluminum production plant with an investment of US $100million in Changzhou city near Shanghai on Thursday

aluminum is more commonly used in high-end cars. China's high-end car market is dominated by foreign brand cars produced by Sino foreign joint ventures

China's local auto manufacturers, which mainly produce low-end and Volkswagen cars, rarely use aluminum, which accounts for less than 1% of the body weight of their cars

at present, this means that the main customers of Norris' aluminum products in China will be foreign automobile manufacturers. These companies also have the engineering knowledge needed to use aluminum effectively

but nobelis predicts that this situation will change. As China's local auto manufacturers become more mature, their aluminum utilization will also increase

nobelis estimates that China's annual aluminum demand for in-depth investigation and research in the production line of enterprises in body manufacturing will increase from about 15000 tons at present to about 35000 tons in 2015

however, davidwilson, head of the metals research and Strategy Department of citiresearch, said that given that Chinese local automakers are now focusing on products with low cost and low process requirements, it will take time for them to improve the utilization of aluminum

nobelis said that the growth of China's auto sales has also provided the basis for China's auto industry to increase aluminum demand. The company expects China's auto sales to grow by 5% to 10% annually in the next two to three years

according to the data of the semi official organization China Automobile Industry Association, from January to October this year, the sales volume of cars in the Chinese market was 12.6 million, an increase of 6.9% over the same period last year

when talking about the new factory of Norris in Changzhou, Wilson of Citigroup said that the factory may be built at a good time, which will put Norris in a good competitive position

nobelis said that when the plant is put into operation at the end of 2014, its annual output will have a small impact on the heavy load of 120000 tons, and the aluminum produced is enough to supply 1million cars. The speed valve is adjusted appropriately according to the loading speed for loading

at the initial stage of production, the rolled aluminum coil imported from South Korea will be heat treated and post processed. After that, the factory will expand its scale and product range and begin to engage in aluminum production

Novelis, headquartered in Atlanta, USA, is an Indian aluminum and copper producer, hindalcoindustries Ltd A subsidiary of. The company's financial report shows that the second generation ABS aluminum alloy should have considerable improvements and changes compared with the first generation. In the three months to September, the company's net profit fell by 59% to $49 million. The profits of the company's subsidiaries in Asia and Europe fell by 20%

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