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[US crude oil] the spot crude oil basis is weak due to the strong Futures Spread

according to Houston on May 12, the US spot crude oil basis weakened slightly on Tuesday. As West Texas Intermediate crude oil (WTI) futures rose to a six-month high, food and beverage packaging will be the largest major utilization area of biodegradable plastics, and the Futures Spread remains strong

Louisiana light and low sulfur (LLS) crude oil fell 15 cents to 75 cents a barrel higher than the benchmark WTI crude oil. High sulfur Mars crude oil fell 5 cents to close at a discount of 2.35 cents per barrel compared with WTI crude oil

spot crude oil traders said that crude oil supply and demand basically did not provide support for WTI crude oil prices, and the performance of financial markets and hopes for the economy seemed to affect the futures spread

futures spreads also affect spot crude oil basis. The strength of WTI futures spreads tends to weaken the spot crude oil basis. Piston began to rise

in the futures market, WTI crude oil contract in June rose 35 cents to $58.85 a barrel, having previously risen above $60, the highest level since November. In June, Brent crude oil rose 4 cents to 57.94 US dollars, mainly using servo electromechanical as the power source

the WTI contract price difference in June/July strengthened by 5 cents to minus 86 cents. WTI crude oil contract/Brent crude oil spread fell 11 cents to 91 cents

other spot crude oil, Louisiana heavy low sulfur (HLS) crude oil fell 5 cents, flat with WTI crude oil. Poseidon high sulfur crude oil was negative $2.30, unchanged from the previous day

West Texas high sulfur (WTS) crude oil was negative $1.35, unchanged from the previous day. WTI inland crude oil was 40 cents lower than WTI discount, down 5 cents

on the west coast of the United States, the latest public trading price of Alaska north slope (ANS) crude oil delivered in June last Thursday was $1.25, up 50 cents from WTI

buyers raised their bid for California crude oil by 35 cents a barrel

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