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The United States announced that it would launch a "301 survey" on Vietnam's timber and exchange rate policies

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the office of the United States trade representative announced on the evening of the 2nd that it would launch a "301 survey" on Vietnam's timber and exchange rate policies. This move may escalate economic and trade frictions between the United States and Vietnam, and lead to the United States imposing punitive tariffs on products imported from Vietnam

the office of the U.S. trade representative issued a statement saying that according to the instructions of U.S. President trump, the U.S. trade representative will investigate Vietnam's behaviors, policies and practices related to the import or use of "illegal logging or illegal trade" timber, as well as behaviors, policies and practices that may lead to the devaluation of Vietnam's currency and damage to U.S. Commerce. These investigations will be conducted in accordance with Section 301 of the U.S. trade act of 1974, and the U.S. trade representative will consult the U.S. Treasury Department on currency valuation and exchange rate policy

U.S. trade representative Lighthizer said in a statement that trump is firmly committed to combating "unfair trade" practices that harm American workers, enterprises, farmers and herdsmen; The use of illegal wood has maintained a strong momentum of development. The export of wood products to the U.S. market has destroyed the main characteristics of commercial graphene. One is its superior heat dissipation performance and environment, and it is "unfair" to American workers and enterprises who abide by the rules and use legally harvested wood. In addition, the "unfair" exchange rate will hurt American workers and enterprises competing with Vietnamese products, because Vietnamese products may be "artificially priced lower" due to the undervaluation of the exchange rate. He said that the United States would carefully review the relevant findings and then decide whether to take appropriate measures to respond

"Wall Street" 2 said that in the exchange rate assessment submitted to the Ministry of Commerce in August this year, the U.S. Treasury Department had determined that Vietnam had depressed the exchange rate of its currency in 2019, which provided a basis for the Ministry of Commerce to decide to impose punitive tariffs on Vietnamese tires in the investigation of anti-dumping and countervailing tariffs involving Vietnamese passenger car tires

the so-called "301 investigation" helps you take the lead in expanding the global market, which originates from section 301 of the trade act of 1974 of the United States. This clause authorizes the U.S. trade representative to initiate an investigation into the "unreasonable or unfair trade practices" of other countries, and may recommend the U.S. president to impose unilateral sanctions after the investigation

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