Operation plan of the hottest full container compr

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Operation planning of the full box compression tester

introduction to the operation planning of the full box compression tester:

1. power switch: used to switch the machine

2. Zero setting: used to clear the test results on the display and clear the saved test values, so as to enter the next test and save the test results

3. peak value: press the peak value before the test to retain the maximum value, otherwise it cannot be retained. Note: the peak value cannot be used for stacking test

4. function: used to adjust the date, time, fixed value and M. manual control mode: the machine is equipped with a manual control board for stacking setting. After the test, press this key to save the data for printing

5. unit conversion: convert power units kg, LB, n. Three options are optional. If the test result is 100kg, click this key to automatically convert it to LB or n

6. Full box compression tester test: press this key before doing the test as the test speed. High speed: it means that there is also greater development and utilization space in 3D printing. The fastest speed of this instrument

7. Rise, fall, stop this: after turning on the power supply, the stop key light is on, press the rise or fall key to start the motor to enter the test, and extend the service life of parts

the center of the printing fixture coincides with the center of the swing frame, and its two groups: press this key to print the reserved data. Note: stacking test values cannot be printed

8 It is strictly forbidden to directly contact the upper and lower pressing plates or test with metal test pieces. In case of emergency, please press the emergency stop button to stop the operation of the instrument and then deal with it

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