Operation of the intermittent mechanism of the osc

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Application of oscillating guide bar chute intermittent mechanism in small bag machine II

1.2 the oscillating guide bar chute intermittent mechanism cannot be used normally by the software

the structure of the mechanism is shown in Figure 2. The rotating wheel is fixedly connected with the drive shaft of the motor deceleration and speed regulation mechanism. One end of the swing guide rod is hinged with the pin shaft on the surface of the rotating wheel disc, and the other end is connected with the swing block with a moving pair. The swing block can slide and swing in the swing guide rod. The varieties with high quality and safety risks are gradually eliminated along the outer edge of the indexing disc, and a certain number of grooved teeth are evenly distributed, which are meshed or disengaged with a shift block consolidated in the middle of the swing guide rod, Drive a bevel gear coaxial with it to rotate or stop

1.3 working principle of the system

when the motor transmits power to the rotating disc through the speed regulator and reducer, the rotating disc is driven to work. After the rotating disc rotates at a uniform speed for one cycle, the indexing disc rotates unidirectionally for 2 with the help of the one-way angular displacement of the swing guide rod β The angle of 0=2 π/z (z is the number of teeth of the indexing disc) and even reverse. At the same time, when the rotating wheel rotates for 2ao, the fixed shift block on the swing guide rod engages with the indexing disc to realize the rotation of the measuring cup measuring device, and the measuring cup rotating disc and other devices with the same angular displacement with the indexing disc also rotate for 2 β 0 angle; When the rotating wheel rotates 2 π -2ao, the dial block is separated from the indexing plate to realize the station stop. In the stop stage, two processes need to be completed, namely, the feeding of the measuring cup and the discharging of the measuring cup. The discharging action is completed by the cup cover mechanism

2 determination of basic parameters of intermittent mechanism step 2 to 2035

2.1 working characteristic coefficient! (also known as dynamic stop ratio)

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