Operation procedures of the hottest shovel conveyo

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The operating procedures of LHD

1. The operating road should be leveled before operation, and its width should be about 2m greater than the body width

2. It is strictly forbidden to lift the bucket and bucket door to the highest point during driving, so as to avoid breaking the steel wire rope when turning; When going downhill, put down the scraper bucket as auxiliary brake, and it is strictly forbidden to slide in neutral

3. Do not shovel soil when the bucket is not aligned with the machine body; When starting to shovel and lift the bucket, move slowly; When leaving the LHD, the driver should put the gear lever in neutral, turn off the engine, and put the bucket on the ground

4. If the newly filled earth embankment can make buildings and bridges bear greater loads, it should be more than 1m away from the edge of the earth embankment; When filling the soil near the edge of the embankment, the outer side must be high and the inner side low, and the longitudinal direction must be basically smooth. When unloading the soil, the bucket should be lowered to prevent the scraper from sliding down

5. For the operation of multiple scrapers, the front and rear clear distance shall not be less than 10m, and the left and right clear distance shall not be less than 2m; Slow down when the two engines meet

6. When removing the accumulated soil in the bucket, the bucket must be firmly supported first, and the personnel can enter the bucket to remove the accumulated soil after the bulldozer plate returns to its normal position

7. When hauling the scraper for a long distance, the bucket must be hung firmly with a hook to relieve the load of the steel wire rope

II. Self propelled LHD:

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1. The carriageway of the self-propelled LHD must be flat and solid, and the width of the one-way road should not be less than 4.5m (or 1.5 times the width of the vehicle). If constant speed movement is needed and the vehicle meets, the error elimination method of the two vehicle pressure testing machine: the clear distance should not be less than 1m

2. When multiple LHDs are driving in the construction site column, the front and rear spacing shall not be less than 20m

3. When the LHD finds that the rear main clutch brake is not working, the machine has abnormal sound, and the alarm sounds, it should stop immediately for maintenance

4. The scraper is strictly prohibited to drive on cross slopes greater than 15 °, and dangerous operations should not be carried out on steep slopes

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