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Huaneng Chaohu Power Plant operation process and operation conditions

it is known from the system that the first electric field uses two bin pumps as a group, and the second, third and fourth electric fields use four bin pumps as a group to form an ash removal system

operation mode of each group of bin pumps: first, the balance (exhaust) valve and feed valve of the bin pump are opened, and the fly ash deposited in the ash hopper falls into the bin pump installed below the ash hopper under the action of gravity. In the process of material filling, the air in the bin pump flows into the ash hopper from the balance valve. Due to the small amount of ash in the third and fourth electric fields, four bin pumps share a balance valve to exhaust into the ash hopper. At this time, the hill valve on the pipeline is closed to prevent the air from being sucked into the ash hopper through the transmission pipeline. When the material level gauge in the bin pump (each bin pump in the first and second electric fields is equipped with a material level gauge, and four bin pumps in the third and fourth electric fields are equipped with a material level gauge) is covered, indicating that the pump has been filled with material or the set time expires, after a delay, the pump is completely filled, and then the feed valve is closed and sealed. Then, the fluidization gas valve of the bin pump is opened, and the bin pump starts to intake air. The compressed air pressurizes the fluidization of the materials in the bin pump. When the pressure reaches the set value or the set time expires, the conveying gas valve and the charging valve are opened, and the compressed air transmits the material flow to the ash silo through the ash conveying pipeline. When the materials are transported to the ash silo, the parameter settings are all handled in the form of a dialog box, the pressure of the ash conveying pipeline drops to the setting value of the ash pipe pressure switch or pressure transmitter, the high and medium-grade instrument products and systems touch different fields, and the use of technology with a certain depth sends the signal of the end of the conveying of the ash conveying pipeline, and the silo pump fluidization gas valve, conveying gas valve and mountain material valve are closed to complete a conveying cycle

when each main ash conveying pipe is transported by a group of bin pumps of the same ash pipe, the latter group of bin pumps wait after feeding, and the current group of bins enter the cycle of waiting after feeding. The waiting time from the end of the conveying of each group of bin pumps to the start of feeding again can be adjusted between 5 ~ 999 seconds according to the different amount of ash in the ash hopper

the system adopts inlet fluidization and pressurization technology to ensure that the ash gas is mixed in the bin pump. It avoids the disadvantages of large pressure fluctuation and unstable transmission caused by the ash gas mixing in the pipeline in the non pressure pump operation mode. The heating experiment can be completed by using the fluidization pressurization and pump on mode, and the system strength can be increased under the condition of ensuring the stable pressure operation of the system

setting of operating parameters: set the pump on pressure to 0.16mpa, judge that the pipe plugging pressure is set to 0.36mpa, and the plugging removal inflation pressure is set to 0, which is unbelievable.25mpa


Huaneng Chaohu Power Plant Phase I project 2 × The pneumatic ash removal system of 600MW supercritical coal-fired generator set was installed in February, 2008. During the system commissioning, there were many sundries left in the flue and electrostatic precipitator, and the sundries fell into the bin pump, resulting in the valve jam and poor transportation in the early stage of commissioning and trial operation. When the boiler is shut down and defects are eliminated, the sundries are cleaned in time to ensure the normal operation of the ash removal system. The pneumatic ash removal system of boiler 1 passed the 168 hour performance test at full load on August 9, 2008, and the equipment was handed over for production. The pneumatic ash removal system of No. 2 boiler also successfully passed the full load L68 hour performance test on January 24, 2008, and the equipment was handed over for production and put into commercial operation

on September 22, 2008, Huaneng Chaohu Power Plant entrusted Xi'an Thermal Power Research Institute to test the performance of the pneumatic ash removal system. The system output, air consumption, air source pressure drop and ash gas ratio were better than the design value. The test results of the positive pressure concentration coherent ash removal system of No. 1 boiler are as follows: the average value of mountain force is 144.1 8t/h, and the average value of system gas consumption is 31.74 nm Min, the average ash gas ratio of the system is 58.7:1

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